Minutes from Annual Board Meeting

January 21, 2003

Meeting was called to order by Dianna Fox at 7:30 PM.

Guest Speaker

Sgt. Gamez of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office of Crime Prevention was allowed to speak first to release him early for other programs. He gave statistics of types of calls answered in North Lake during the past year. There were five thefts and numerous calls for suspicious vehicles. A complaint was lodged that one report of a suspicious vehicle was handled rudely and received no attention. We were advised always to request an officer or a supervisor to respond to a complaint if we don’t receive satisfactory responses from dispatchers. He also explained that there is a severe shortage of officers, 5-6 officers on the west side of IH35 and 6-7 on the east side, which results in extensive response times.

Officers introduced themselves and stated whether they were staying on the board for the next year. Only Russ Peterman and Patricia Hightower said that they wished to remain.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Patricia.

Beginning Balance $8141.12


Deposits from membership 1070.00

Money Market 135.93



Rachel Cooke Fund donation 1000.00

Insurance 300.00

Printing 577.90

Postage 439.03

PO Box Rental 38.00

Supplies 296.97

Street Light at 3405 & 2338 238.44

Bank Service Charges 25.00


Ending Balance $6431.71

Terri Coahran moved to accept the report and Deborah Weiss seconded the motion. The voter for approval was unanimous.

Report on Roads

Russ reported that the intersection at 3504 and 2338 would change with the widening of 2338 to five lanes. Parmer Lane extension will end at 3405 and construction will be completed by 2005.

Floor Discussion

There was extensive floor discussion regarding increasing new membership and member base, as well as methods for disseminating information to members and other landowners in the best way possible.

Reading from Bylaws

Russ read a description of what type of committees are required by our bylaws. They are a Restrictions Committee and a Membership Committee mainly with other possibilities of committees for Water, Communications, Security and Roads. In the recent past all of these have been handled by one or two individuals rather than by committee.

Volunteers for the Next Term

Volunteers were requested to fill all board positions and suggested committees. Final decisions will be made at the February 18, 2003, meeting about who will hold what position. Volunteers were as follows:

Russ Peterman

Patricia Hightower

Lisa Morris

Terri Coahran

Deborah Weiss

Dolores Wallace

Frank Bradley

Steve Morris

Mike Metz

Phillip Smith moved to accept the panel of volunteers and Wayne Glidewell seconded the motion. The vote for approval was unanimous.

Handgun Classes

Mike Metz is offering handgun safety and license qualification classes. The next class will be held on February 2.


Terri Coahran moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:15. Sherry Glidewell seconded the motion. The vote to adjourn was unanimous.