Copy of Deed Restrictions Giles Estates


Recorded in Williamson County. Giles Estates, a resubdivision of Lot 10, Section E, North Lake. This subdivision is subject to the Restrictions filed in Volume 668, pages 403 406 of Deed Records of Williamson County, Texas.


Notwithstanding anything hereinabove to the contrary the following amendments and additions to the above aforesaid restrictions and covenants shall be applicable:


N: Any residence or dwelling unit shall have a minimum of 1400 square feet of heated area and shall otherwise comply with other restrictions herein contained.


O: All radio and television antennas and satellite signaling or receiving discs and devices shall be reasonably screened, shielded and camouflaged as to blend with the landscape and be reasonable concealed from public view.


P: Once construction has commenced on any residence or dwelling unit or other building, the same must be completed as to the exterior within six months from such commencement date.


Q: Maintenance of any roadway and access easement to the property herein conveyed shall be the sole responsibility of the owners of tracts adjoining and adjacent to such roadway and access easement until such roadway and access easement is dedicated and such maintenance assumed by the appropriate governmental authority.


R: Owner shall be fully responsible for any and all water lines and water meters serving the property and premises.