New 2001 Board Members





   Mary DelFatti  864-7347

Vice President & Restrictions:

   Russ Peterman  863-0728


   Cindy Patton  868-2121

Secretary & Newsletter:

   Randy Coahran  930-4915


   Patricia Hightower  930-1519

Roads, Trash & Security:

  Sherry  819-9635


   Alice Ryan  868-2520

Water:  (Chisholm Trail Brd Member)

   Ed Pastor  863-2331


Other Important Numbers:


Williamson County Sheriff / EMS

869-3200     Or  911

Georgetown Fire Department


Chisholm Trail Water (Emergency number)


Pedernales Electric (Emergency number)


GTE Service





Treasure’s Report as of 12/31/00


Beg Balance (1/1/2000)   $ 8,979.27

Expenses for Yr 2000       - 1,277.57

Income for Yr 2000          + 1,370.78


End Balance (12/31/00)   $ 9,072.48


Net Gain for Yr 2000        $      93.21


Old Business:      Address Signs to go with Northlake Subdivision Signs have arrived.

Membership:       Northlake now has 196  paid members.

Security:                No crime has been reported for the past 3 months.

Roads:                   Stop sign replacements requested.  Purchase of 4 new Children at Play signs                  have been approved.

Water:                   Chisholm Trail still trying to gain right of way for new water line.


The Annual Meeting of NLLOA was held on Jan 23, 2001, at the First State Bank in downtown Georgetown.  The meeting was called to order by Debbie Purcell at 7:30pm.  Other board members present were Russ Peterman, Randy Coahran, Ken Ross, Patricia Hightower, Cindy Patton & Sherry.

Restrictions Report:   Russ reported that 12 new home plans had bee approved and 3 were pending.  These include the Twin Springs development.

Water Report:   Ed Pastor reported on the current status of the Chisholm Trail (CT) water line expansion.  It is currently 9 months behind schedule of updating the new water lines, because there are 14 landowners in Northlake, who have refused to grant easement rights.  No major water problems were reported for the year 2000.

Roads/Security/Trash Report:   Sherry reported that the County was called upon twice to remove dead animals on area roads.  All roads off of CR 3405 are covered by the County.  Sherry asked that she be contacted if you see potholes or downed signs.

New Restrictions:  Cindy Patton reported that 3 surveys were sent out this year concerning changes in the current restrictions.  The last survey netted over 200 responses.  A lawyer was consulted as to how to proceed.  The cost to write up the new restrictions and to mail all landowners the ballots by certified mail, would cost the Association anywhere from $1200 to over $2000.  The problem is that to instigate the changes, we need to have a majority of the Association to vote YES.  (2/3 of the 520 landowners).  A non-response would be counted as a NO.  The matter was openly discussed and a motion was make to NOT CHANGE the restrictions and to leave them as they are.  The motion was seconded.  A vote was taken, and the motions passed.  RESULT:  current restrictions were to stay as they are.

New Business:  Two members of the Year 2000 board were stepping down.  Debbie Purcell, President, and Ken Ross, Treasurer.  Volunteers were called upon to fill the vacancies.  Alice Ryan and Mary DelFatti volunteered.

February Board Meeting:   Alice Ryan was elected to head Membership.  Patricia Hightower was elected as the new Treasurer.  Cindy Patton was elected to assist Russ Peterman with Restrictions.  Randy Coahran, Russ Peterman, and Sherry, remained in their current positions.  Mary DelFatti was not present.





Application for Membership OR Renewal of Membership



Email: __________________________________________________________________________


Land Identification:           Lot: _____  Section: _____  Tract: _____


(Note:  The email address will be used to send out future Newsletters & Notices, to help reduce mailing costs.)




Northlake L.O.A.

P.O. Box 584

Georgetown, TX 78627

Fax:  509-277-1024



The NLLOA board meetings are now being held at the Sun City branch of the First Texas Bank. They are held in the conference room located by the East entrance at 7:30 PM on the third Tuesday of each month.